EEPC India invites participation at
INDEE Colombia 2018

Product Profile

Industrial Machinery, equipment and tools

Metal Working-Machine Tools, Casting & Forging, Fasteners, Hardware, Automotive Industry-auto Parts& Components, Auto rickshaw, Bicycle,Power Tools & Hand tools, Garden Tools,Pumps, compressors, faucets and valves, Bearings, gears, gear trains and, transmission parts, Dumpers, Metal packaging, Lifting and Handling Equipment, Welding equipment, Hydraulic, equipment, Heating, Distilling, Industrial Furnaces and Burners, Textile Machinery, Mixers , Skid steer loaders, Motor, graders, Engines and turbines, Backhoes, Saws and choppers, Drills, Lathes and milling, machines, Tractors and trailers, Crushers, Vibrators,Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation Systems

Plastic, Petrochemical and Packaging

Petrochemicals and Related: Machinery and Equipment, Robotics, Fittings, Tools, Molds, Raw Materials and Input, End-products, Semi manufactured products, Services and Publications.

Packaging: Machinery and Equipment, Raw Material and Input, and Suppliers of all types of Packaging and Shipment Packaging


Electrical accessories, Alternative energy (GENERATION), Energy Generation equipment, Transmission and Electrical management, Maintenance and supplies, Spare parts, Generators, Distributors and transmitters
Machinery and equipment for energy use and management Industrial safety

Heavy Construction Machinery

Construction machinery and equipment, Construction materials, Safety at work, Debris transport

Wire & Tube

Electrical cables
Construction industry wires
Industrial process wires
Material, special wires and cables
Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
Tubes and valves for the construction of public works
Tubes and valves for civil construction
Tubes and valves for oil and gas transportation
Tubes with seams and seamless in carbon steel
Alloy, cast iron, stainless steel
Pumps and Moto pumps
Mechanical seals